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Offseason, man. Offseason.

joe calls tomas babe. (≧◔◡◔≦)


joe calls tomas babe. (≧◔◡◔≦)




I downloaded a drawing app.


Oh my god. Y’all need to start reading the college hockey comic omgcheckplease.

From the comic’s About page:

Check, Please! is written and drawn by Ngozi Ukazu.

Eric Bittle—former Georgia junior figure skating champion, vlogger extraordinaire, and amateur pâtissier—is starting…

I hear that there are Sharks fans from elsewhere, pocketlass, but most of the fandom’s members outside of our beloved Bay Area are from here there (I keep saying here. I don’t live there anymore but THE BAY IS STRONG WITH THIS ONE). Or at least from California. I know of a couple of people who became Sharks fans to spite their Kings fans friends. SURE SHOWED THEM, EH?




*sobs and drinks heavily*

No but seriously, ya’ll go read this comic.

brent burns troll level is too advanced for brodie

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Dear Sharks Staff,

I grew up in San Jose. I can’t imagine life without the Sharks in it - it’s as much a part of my home as hazy heat in the summers, terrifying rides over 17 to the beach, the sight of Hangar One and the rolling hills that surround our valley. They were so much a part of the background noise of my life growing up that my fandom snuck up on me during high school. As I moved away from San Jose and around the country, homesickness made my love of the Sharks stronger. Following the team was like going home. The off-ice behavior of the team mirrored many of the values that the community of the Bay Area shares. I was so proud that my team stood up for what was right by getting behind the You Can Play Project. S.J. Sharkie made appearances at parades, community events, and schools, using his fun personality to grow community goodwill for the team without the Sharks having to rely on using Ice Girls as many other teams had.

Now, however, I see that the Sharks will be changing the nature of their existing co-ed ice crew. Where once we had men and women in similar practical outfits to tend to the ice during TV breaks, now there are different uniforms for the women. While (from what I understand) the ice crew used to consist of members of the local hockey and ice skating community, now there are auditions being held for female team members. With the announcement that skating skills are preferred but not required, this combined with new image of midriff-baring uniforms implied that looks and peppy attitude are all that is needed to be an ice crew member.

To say I am disappointed is an extreme understatement. I understand that Ice Girls also function as community outreach and PR for the team, but this function was already being filled by S.J. Sharkie, who is widely regarded as one of the best mascots in sports. If you wanted human faces for the team, why not use the existing Ice Crew in their existing uniforms? What function does adding a new, skimpy outfit to your female Ice Crew members serve? There is only one element that this change brings to the team, and I don’t think that I need to spell it out for you. Don’t get me wrong, I certainly understand the business motivation behind this decision. I’m not foolish, I know that in a city mockingly called “Man Jose” that there is an appeal to using sex to sell. The Sharks were not having any trouble being popular in San Jose, however - the excitement the city feels when the team is doing well is palpable when you walk down the street, and you can feel the depression when they do poorly. People of all ages, colors, shapes and sizes love the Sharks in San Jose. Men and women both. There is only one kind of new customer that you will attract with the addition of Ice Girls - the kind of customer who will make the arena an uncomfortable place for many of the people who currently buy tickets to your games. Women, children, and many of the male fans I’ve talked to are uncomfortable with the thought of what kind of person this will bring in to the Shark Tank.

It’s not the midriffs or the tight pants that make me uncomfortable. It’s what they will bring in to the arena that make me uncomfortable. We already have an effective co-ed Ice Crew - there is no positive change that a change in uniform for the women will bring. Sure, maybe you’ll sell some tickets to people who weren’t there for hockey already. Probably a few more beers, too. But the many women and families whose ticket sales, merchandise sales, and concession sales you have enjoyed the profits of for so many years will probably choose to stay away from the arena as this new crowd comes in. The Sharks are from one of the most progressive areas in the country, one that prides itself on equality and social justice. Using sexual appeal to market your team is out of sync with the values of the people in your community.

At best, this change has no net effect to your profits and serves to make many in your existing fanbase uncomfortable.

At worst, you alienate your fans and lose money.

Please reconsider your decision to change the nature of the San Jose Sharks Ice Crew.

Very Sincerely Yours,

Active Sharks Fan since 2003


Submitted to the Sharks via webform. If you would like to submit your own letter to the Sharks, you can do so here.

I owe you guys Better Know a Team posts about the Canadiens and the Kings. I’m holding off until Friday to post about the Blackhawks because HOPEFULLY IT WILL STILL BE RELEVANT.

Also I’m mad at real life for getting in the way of posting this weekend and also making me miss what was apparently a crazy game five in the East.

Sorry guys, I suck, more posting will be had, I promise.

WARNING. If you want a serious look at the New York Rangers, check out their 30teams/30days write-up on /r/hockey by /u/RyanCallahanAuto. This is like Better Know a District for hockey.

WARNING PART TWO: I am watching this under the influence of caffiene, no sleep and Game 2 of the ECFs (in which Henrik Lundqvist is being ridiculously hot good).

That being said:

If you’re like me, you probably hate a lot of team names. As I’ve outlined elsewhere, a team name should either be alliterative or be so funny/appropriate/perfect as to make up for not being alliterative. So the very first thing I did in researching this is to look up why in the hell the New York Rangers are Rangers and not…you know, something that makes sense. So once upon a time (1926) in New York, George Lewis “Tex” Rickard, president of the Madison Square Gardens, decided that one successful hockey team on his ice just wasn’t enough, so even though he had promised they’d be exclusive on MSG ice, Tex fought for his second team. People jokingly called his little crusade of a team “Tex’s Rangers”, and the name stuck.

Well, I’ll take it. I GUESS.

As you likely already know, the Rangers are an Original Six team, meaning they are old. How old?


(picture credit beatonna)

There’s a ton of glorious history…but we’re gonna ignore all the glory in favor of the fun stuff.

The last time the New York Rangers, 20 years ago, the Rangers beat the shit out of the Stanley Cup. Here are just a few of the things the Cup went through that year:

  • Running out of champagne to fill it; resorting to awful piss beer as hundreds of randos drank out of it
  • Strippers dancing with it
  • Kentucky Derby winning horse ate out of it
  • Had to wear a fake mustache
  • Several dings, dents, scratches and damage that loosened the bowl

Sure it’s not the bottom of a swimming pool or losing it in the snow, but geez, guys. You’d think after a 54 year dry streak that they’d be a bit more reverent.

You already know Henrik Lundqvist is a sexy beast. I don’t need to convince you. but in case I do, here’s one of many beauties you can find under the Henrik Lundqvist tag:


(image credit: martybiron)

Damn Swedes. Ridiculous.

POSTGAME EDIT TO ADD: Seriously, behold:

(video credit to /u/bmac39)

You should enjoy watching this team if:

  • You live in New York and find the Islanders too depressing and the Devils too New Jersey
  • You’re a strong beautiful hockey fan who don’t need no power play goals
  • Defensive games excite you
  • You aren’t a Lightning fan, because seeing MSL in another jersey makes you salty like woah
  • You like sexy Swedish goalies

You might not like this team if:

  • You hate red, white and blue. ‘MURICA.
  • You don’t like sexy Swedish goalies…because there’s no promising goalie on the horizon for them
  • You think that Price was hit on purpose, which is super not the case.

Goal 1: Learning to play hockey
Skating practice was put on hold first for rain (just one of the hazards of living in a rainforest), then for finals (hey, I’m going into a lot of debt for this), then for moving (because I need a place to live). I realize this lax adherence to practice is gonna suck for me. I’ll pay for it later.

Goal 2: Profiles of every NHL team
Starting Monday, I’ll be writing a “Better Know an NHL Team” post twice a week until the end of my summer. I’ll be starting with the teams still in the running for the Cup, then I’ll proceed in draft order.

Meaty posts forthcoming. :3 Sorry I’ve been away, that whole finals thing was pretty intense.

I made a thing. :(