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2014 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs Western Conference Quarters. ‘em all done! I’m pretty happy with how all of them turned out!

San Jose is all “HOW DO I HOCKEY STICK?”

…I was slow to the punch as I had schoolwork to do and I’m sick, so I made a couple celebration gifs instead.

EDIT: Dammit, they’re broken. Fixing…

EDIT2: Ugh, now the watermark looks dumb. Whatever, they work. I give up.

Sharks Mood Gifs

4/17/14 - Game 1, Round 1 of 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs

Los Angeles Kings @ San Jose Sharks

Final Score: 3 - 6 San Jose

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!


Sorry I’ve not been posting much lately aside from goal gifs, school is my priority right now and things are getting intense.

Playoffs start tonight.

Rooting for the Stars until we meet in the semifinals. :3

Also one of my friends on twitter asked me to make this so here you go.
Hertl! Hertl!

Also one of my friends on twitter asked me to make this so here you go.

Hertl! Hertl!

Sharks Goals Gifs

Sharks @ Coyotes 4/12/14

  1. Joe Pavelski nets his 40th goal of the season and opens up the scoring, 1-0 Sharks.
  2. Pavelski makes it 41 and 2-0 Sharks.
  3. Logan Couture deflects the puck in to make it 3-1 Sharks.

Final Score: 3-2 Sharks

Sharks vs. Avs infographic

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Sharks Goal Gifs

Avalanche @ Sharks 4/12/2014

  1. Dan Boyle opens up the scoring, 1-0 Sharks
  2. Patrick Marleau extends the lead with a beauty, 2-0 Sharks
  3. Marty Havlat deflects in a shot from Logan Couture to make it 3-1 Sharks
  4. Havlat breaks away and taps in his own rebound for his second goal, 4-1 Sharks
  5. HAVLAT TRICK! With an empty net, Marty Havlat nets the 5th hat trick of his career, 5-1 Sharks

Final Score: 5-1 Sharks